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Our first postdoc, Dr. Ajeet Kumar joined to the lab.   Apr 1st, 2019

Dr. Ajeet Kumar is a developmental biologist with plenty of experiences on embryology. Welcome to the Yoon lab! 

Our first graduate student, Sungmin Lee joined to the lab.   Jun 1st, 2019

Sungmin Lee joined as a Ph.D. student. Welcome to the Yoon lab! 

New researchers joined to the lab.   Jan 7th, 2019

New researchers (Chanwoo Park, Jihoon Moon) joined for independent research. Welcome to the Yoon lab!

A review paper has published in Viruses.   Jan 30th, 2019

A new review paper about stem-cell-derived model systems to study virus-host interactions has published.

Happy new year!   Jan 1st, 2019

New year has started. We are very excited about our upcoming journey in 2019. 

New undergrad students joined to the lab.   Dec 17th, 2018

New undergrad students (HoeWon Park, Bonsang Koo, Baek Gyu Choi, Isaak Kim) joined for undergrad research program. Welcome to the Yoon lab! 

Yoon lab has started at KAIST.   Oct 1st, 2018

Our new lab has started! Find us on 4th floor of Basic Science Building (E6-6). 

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