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Lab Members



Chaewon Lee

We all have identical sets of genes in our cells. However, transcriptome of those cells are different from themselves; the gene expression is orchestrated by several maestros. I am recently focusing on post-transcriptional regulation to figure out a part of this symphony. I hope that we can get the insight to solve the mysteries of each sophisticatedly regulated player. Wanted: dead or alive, the maestros!



Hwang Taeung

Live long and prosper! However, there are still some diseases that have not been solved even now. Here, stem cells can be a breakthrough for the treatment of diseases in various fields including brain diseases. Currently, I am contributing to stem cell therapy research for Parkinson's disease through the URP program. In the future, I hope to study neurogenesis further.



Hyeongyu Pyo

My passion resides in unraveling how neural stem cells orchestrate the assembly of complex synapses and circuits during neurodevelopment. Lately, I've been investigating regeneration and recovery in the adult brain through the lens of glial interaction and neuroimmune interaction. Through this, I aim to better understand the brain's astounding plasticity, and in doing so, contribute to the expansion of therapeutic avenues in the field of neuroscience and clinical medicine.

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